Senior Solution Architect - Technical Lead • May, 2022 — Present

ThoughtWorks is a leading technology consultancy that has recently expanded to the Netherlands. I have joined the growing team as a Solution Architect to help design and develop modern and effective solutions in order to help our clients achieve their digital transformation and data driven goals.


Data Engineer • Jan, 2020 — Apr 2022

Anchormen is a data-driven company which delivers services in consultancy, training and support in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. I am a DevOps consultant that helps customers unlock new opportunities using their data. I am responsible for the design and provisioning of cloud infrastructure, along with the development of data oriented services in order to allow the customer to analyze insights generated from his data.


Software Engineer • Oct, 2018 — Dec, 2019

Relay42 is a mark-tech company that provides a customer data management platform and intelligent journey orchestration engine that help you personalize your user's experience across all your connected channels. I was a backend software engineer responsible for a service that handles the integration of relay's platform with all external marketing platforms. This required the design of a highly efficient service that can handle the traffic generated by the orchestration engine, while being extremely resilient to the failures that can happen at the integration points with other systems.

Smarty Systems

Software Engineer • Feb, 2017 — Aug, 2018

Smarty was a young data oriented startup that set out to discover and analyse the huge online world of news. It provided a platform for users to discover news using a combination of search filters that can understand the content. Smarty also tracked the performance of news content over time on social media, allowing the user to view real time insights about what is trending around the world. I was responsible for implementing the data infrastructure that handled the storage and querying of Smarty's data. This powered the end user experience. I needed to support a variety of data types and storage technologies that allowed the analysis of huge amounts of full-text and statistical data.


Notre Dame University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science • 2014 — 2017